About Amanda

Amanda Murphy is from the tiny New England island of Martha's Vineyard. Being raised surrounded by water, it is very easy to see why she has made Manhattan Beach her new home. Amanda discovered Yoga while studying for medical school and volunteering in hospitals in Sri Lanka. While on her journeys she was seeking something to keep her healthy and grounded; yoga was the perfect fit. Amanda originally fell in love with her yoga practice because of the challenges it brought physically, but the more she practiced, the more she realized yoga offers far more than just physical benefits. She found her flow in the qualities and balance that yoga brings into her life. In her classes, she hopes to cultivate a calm mind while keeping her students in the moment and having fun.

Amanda’s classes are geared for all levels of Yoga knowledge. She is innovative in her teaching, in that beginning Yogis feel welcome and successful and advanced Yogis get the practice that they desire. Her classes open up a world of Yoga for the beginner that is welcoming, positive, fun and she creates an atmosphere of calm and safety. Her extensive knowledge reaches the most advanced Yogis. She draws in all levels of yogis with her passion and spirit. Amanda's classes are geared for students to be able to take what they learn on the mat and apply it into their everyday lives, helping to instill more love, compassion, and happiness in all humanity.

Amanda integrates various different yoga styles into her teaching. She has trained with a variety of teachers in the Los Angeles area, as well as internationally. She is currently getting her Masters at Emperors College for Traditional Chinese Medicine, which also includes: Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Meditative Practices. Along with her recent certification in Thai massage from Whatpo School in Thailand, she incorporates all of these elements into the classes she teaches. Because of her extensive anatomy training, she also teaches with a strong emphasis on proper body alignment.

Amanda also offers Yoga retreats, where participants learn Flow, Yin, and Restorative Yoga, meditation, journaling and also she includes activities like surfing, stand up Paddle Boarding, hiking and so much more. These retreats are healthy, inspiring and encourage you to uncover new things about yourself. You create lifetime friendships as you journey together through the best experience of your life.

Amanda has a passion for Yoga and her students. It is evident in her teaching, her practice and her life. She is the unequivocal example of Namaste.


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