“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared”


Yoga means union, a connection, to yolk or bring together, most specifically of people. One of the first classes Amanda attended with her Mentor, Suzy Nece, she said “Yoga does not mean, standing on your head, it means standing together.” Since that day, Amanda’s main purpose is for all people to feel welcome, loved and at home in any yoga class. The culture that Amanda’s love and passion bring to the practice is spread to all who take her classes or go on her retreats. Her classes are sensational you literally feel your heart opening, it is a life changing experience. All she wants from each person is to put a smile on your face, even if only for a moment. In the words of Suzy Nece,

"Life is serious enough, yoga most definitely does not have to be."

Teaching Styles and Modifications

Amanda offers a wide variety of classes to go with the different types of trainings she has had with various instructors from all over the world. Most of her classes are taught mixed levels and everyone gets what they need from their time on their mat. In each of Amanda’s classes she creates an amazing sense of community that everyone takes with them out into the world. Currently, she is teaching a variety of classes.

Vinyasa Flow

Almost all are mixed levels flow. Overall she teaches a blend of Iyengar and Ashtanga styles, incorporating elements of Yoga Mittra and Lotus Flow. Class is sequenced to inspire funky fun with wonderful music while keeping a soulful root to bring about a sense of balance and wellbeing.

Yin with Massage

This is not your typical yin class. The class still offers the traditional long yin holds, but with an allowed freedom to move and make the breath connection. This gives the student a sense of ownership of their practice. Don’t expect elevator music, her playlists are sure to get you grooving, but with a strong sense of zen. Throughout the class Amanda walks around giving hands on adjustments and yummy Thai Massage assists. These assists help you deepen your body awareness and facilitates you in getting deeper into the Asanas, as well as, understand where you are opening and why. When you leave a yin class by Amanda you feel ready to face whatever life throws your way.

Yoga for Athletes

For anybody on a fitness journey. Whether taking this class before or after another workout, this hour is about what you need it to be. A blend of yoga, trigger point release, acupressure, pranayama and meditation make this class a real treat. Aimed at resolving pain, preventing injury and optimizing athletic performance and range of motion.